Back to School Parent Letter, 2017-2018

Dear Silver City Families,

We are looking forward to a great year!

 The first day of school is Friday, August 11th  (*K-5 only). Weather permitting, we will gather on the playground (West entrance through staff parking lot).  If it rains, we will gather in the lobby until 8:30, at which time students will be allowed to proceed to their classrooms. If it is very hot, please don’t arrive too early – or bring an umbrella for shade. (*Preschool students have Family Advocacy  – their first day is Monday, 8/14).

Attendance/Illness: We believe that good attendance and being on time are absolutely essential for a successful school experience. However, we understand that there are times when your student is too sick to attend school.  Please inform the office if your child will be absent by calling prior to the start of the school day. If your child is sent home from school due to fever, vomiting or diarrhea, then he/she must stay home the following day. Once the child is symptom free for 24 hours he/she may return to school

Back to School: Thursday, August 10th from 5:00-6:00 (K-5). (Class lists will be posted that day.)  This will give you an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom, meet the teacher, and drop off school supplies to lighten the load on Friday (optional choice).  We will provide a small ice cream treat for you to take home after you have completed your visit.  We are looking forward to visiting with you!

 Birthday Treats: At Silver City, we celebrate student birthdays in the cafeteria at lunch. Students may bring individual servings to share with their classmates. (No cakes- items must be store bought) Parents are welcome send the treats in the morning, or join your child for lunch to celebrate. First session:1 & 5: 11:45-12:10 Second session: K,3 & Life Skills: 12:15-12:40, Third session : 2, 4 & PM PreSchool: 12:45 – 1:10.


Dismissal expectations: If your child is doing something different than normal, we need to be notified BY AN ADULT either in writing or phone BEFORE 3:00. If your child needs to leave early – you need to pick them up BEFORE 3:30. We will not dismiss children between 3:30 and 4:00. The end of the day time is crucial in the classroom and constant disruptions reduce our ability to maintain student safety.

It is important to communicate with your child’s teacher how your child is to get home the first day.

.Facebook: Like us on Facebook – Silver City Elementary!!! Through the year we will post notices and reminders and share some great things that are happening here!

 Meals: Nutritional Services has sent out meal applications.  Please complete the form and return it so elementary students can continue to qualify for free meals as a district.

Enrollment: For your child’s safety, it is crucial that all registration information is complete including working phone numbers and emergency contact numbers.  Throughout the year if phone numbers change, please notify us immediately.

 Morning drop off:  the area of the circle drive nearest the side walk is strictly for bus lanes. Cars need to pull up to the end of the circle or into the staff lot to drop kids off.  Busses have the right of way; cars must yield to busses. Please do not leave any car unattended in the circle. If you wish to walk in with your child – you need to park in a spot.

School Supplies: our list is included with this letter and is available at the Roeland Park Wal-Mart. The Wyandotte County Back to School Fair will be on Saturday, August 5th, 2016 from 9:00 – 1:00, KCK Community Technical Education Center – 6565 State Avenue. Supplies can be obtained for free at the fair.

 Web-site:  we now have an active web-site.  The direct address is:  – or you can go through the district web-page: – school info; elementary school directory; silver city.  Information will be posted here regularly for the convenience of our families.  It is still in development, but will be fully operational soon.  If we post photos of your child that you object to, please contact us to let us know.  The district schedule is posted, as well as anything specifically relevant to Silver City that we are aware of at this time (i.e. picture day) and  this newsletter.  If there is information you would find helpful that is missing, please let us know as we are trying to make this better for everyone.

 Our goal is to make school a positive experience.  Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns. Enjoy the rest of the summer and we will see you soon!


Dr. Deanne Letourneau

Silver City Principal


New Staff for 2017 – 2018:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Amanda Mynatt          First Grade: Miss Alyssa Bowers

Third Grade: Mrs. Katy Camacho              Fifth Grade: Ms. Brittany Banks

Librarian: Mr. John Lenoch                                    Student Learning Center: Ms. Corie Griffin

New Positions:

Mrs. Wright is now our ESL teacher

Ms. Richardson is teaching Second Grade this year


Bus Stops for 2017 – 2018

Below you will find the 2017-18 morning and afternoon bus stops for Silver City Elementary.  Please refer to them to correlate your child’s  bus and bus stop.  If you have questions please feel free to contact the school at 627-4550 or  transporation at 627-3100.

A continuación encontrará las paradas de autobuses para 2016-18 de la mañana y la tarde de Silver City. Por favor, consulte la siguiente informacion para que correlacionan el autobus de su hijo y parada de autobús. Si tiene alguna pregunta no dude en ponerse en contacto con la escuela al 627-4550 o en el Transportacion al 627-3100.


Bus #15           Driver: E. Wheeler  (43 kids) Bus #106    Driver: P. Reisinger  (37 kids)
S 42nd St. & Lawrence Ct (E) 8:26 4:14 2315 S 26th St. 8:20 4:17
S 42nd St. & Willard Ct (E) 8:30 4:15 2111 S. 26th St. 8:20 4:18
S 35th St. & Ruby Ave. 8:34 4:19 S. 29th St. & Shearer Rd. 8:21 4:07
Woodland Blvd & Barber Ave. (W) 8:36 4:21 S 31st St. & Shearer Rd. 8:22 4:08
Woodland Blvd & Douglas Ave. (W) 8:38 4:23 1855 S. 32nd St. 8:23 4:09
1817 S. 32nd St. 8:25 4:10
Bus# 309         Driver: E. Daniels (42 kids) S. 32nd St. & Willard Ave. 8:28 4:11
2804 Steele Rd 8:25 4:07 Barber Ave. & Wyandotte Cir. 8:29 4:12
1657 S. 31st St. at Crosswalk 8:30 4:11 S. 26th & Steele Rd. (S) on Steele Rd. 8:33 4:17
1724 S. 31st St. 8:32 4:12
S 30th Dr. & Wyandotte Circle 8:33 4:13 .
S 29th St. & Haas Drive 8:35 4:14 Bus #330    Driver: D.Perez (54 kids)
S 29th St. & Elmwood Ave. 8:37 4:16 Woodland Blvd. & Ruby Ave. (E) 8:20 4:12
Ruby Ave. & Birch St. (S) 8:45 4:15
Bus #41     Driver: L. Harper  (34 kids)
S. 22nd St. & Ruby Ave. (S) 8:30 4:08