Silver City was founded in 1970 and opened in 1971.  It was the first open-concept school (there are large open spaces with semi-permanent partitions thus the school can be adapted to changing enrollments and educational requirements) to be build in Kansas City, Kansas.  There is a large library, soundproof rooms and work-spaces for teachers.  Silver City had an addition in 2009 doubling the space of the school.

Principal: Dr. Deanne LeTourneau

Student Body: 291

Hispanic: 40.5%

Black: 38.9%

Bi-Racial:  8.5%

White:  8%

Asian:  4%

Male:  46.7%

Female:  53.3%



Silver City’s Mission Statement:

Striving for Excellence: In Everything We Do, Everything We Say, Every Day


Silver City’s Vision:

Reaching to become one of the Top Elementary Schools in KCKPS