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Our Principal

Zaneta Boles – click to email

Zaneta Boles is a 20-year veteran educator who has spent her entire career working in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. As a native of Kansas City, her passion for education was birthed out of the influence of the educators in her family, primarily her mother. She chose to work in the inner city because she has always had a connection with the everyday highs and lows that urban life can present. This unique experience is what drives her mindset to serve others, as she deems it to be the greatest honor and privilege.

Prior to becoming a principal, Principal Boles has spent her educational career serving as a Classroom Teacher, Instructional Coach, and Assistant Principal.

Principal Boles is married, and  has one daughter.

Welcome to Silver City Elementary!

We are the  home of the Shining Stars! We have approximately 300 students representing a very diverse population. Our students speak a variety of 13 different languages, which means we are rich in culture.  We have a consistent core of dedicated teachers who have worked in Kansas City, Kansas for many years and are highly qualified in their field. We have classified staff members who also have worked in our district for many years, showing strong dedication to our students.  This year we have two classes, Second through Fifth Grade and three Kindergarten and First Grade classes. As a one story building, we are very accessible and have two classrooms of children with special needs – Life Skills classes.  We also have a Pre-School program with a class of 3 and 4 year olds that have school four days a week.  We have an after school care program called Kidzone for students whose parents work beyond the 4:00 dismissal time. Our teachers and students are focused on social emotional and academic success! Past and present students have a genuine pride for Silver City and its’ teachers. We like to say that we shine wherever we go!

Silver City Values:

  • Authentic Relationships
  • Strong Instruction
  • Positive Students

Silver City Mission:

  • To provide opportunities for all students to be successful with learning that is culturally-relevant, engaging, and enriching.
  • To foster a culture of leadership and positive relationships amongst all students, families, and staff by engaging all in meaningful experiences.

Silver City Vision:

  • To empower all of our students to achieve academic success and positive self-identity, realizing their full potential

Upcoming Events

Spring Break March 11-20

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Silver City Fax: 913-627-4576
Central District Office: 913-551-3200
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Special Education: 913-627-5600
Wyandotte County Health Department: 913-321-4803